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Swim, relax, play. A BADU Swim Jet System turns your pool into an aquatic water park to suit any pool or lifestyle.

Aquatic exercise is one of the best forms of physical activity you can do. Gentle and soothing or rigorous and intense. Your bones and joints are not stressed, minimising the risk of injury. Swimming has been shown to be a superior method of staying in shape.

Continental Water is the exclusive distributor of BADU Swim Jet Systems.

The BADU Swim Jet System creates a quality aquatic work out centre in your own backyard and will provide endless hours of fun for the whole family. The kids can play, adults can relax and everyone can keep fit thanks to the BADU Swim Jet System.

What makes a BADU Swim Jet System unique?

Flush Mounted to your pool wall – Our systems take up minimal space in your pool unlike other systems which can take up to half a metre of valuable pool space. And they look great.

The top selling system in the USA – The BADU system is the market leader in the USA a clear indicator that is a premium, quality product.

BADU Swim Jet Systems are simple to service – They have NO moving parts in the pool itself. They can be serviced by any swimming pool technician.

Our systems contain NO hydraulic oil pumps or oil lines – A hydraulic oil pump or line could leak and require a specialised hydraulic expert to repair it. NOT TO MENTION the hassle of having to deal with a hydraulic oil leak in the pool water!

BADU Swim Jet Stream II operate with 2 x 4HP German engineered pumps. All our systems operate with a quality Speck Pump. – Our wet ends come with a 5 year warranty for peace of mind and a 2 year warranty with our pumps. PLUS they are so much quieter than a system which is actually housed in the pool.

A BADU Swim Jet system has adjustable jet nozzles. – You can adjust the flow simply by turning the nozzle clockwise or anticlockwise so you can chose the intensity of your work out. The direction of the jet can also be adjusted so the water can be directed correctly based on your workout or play for the kids.

Our BADU Swim Jet systems come with an air mixture valve. – If you are swimming against the flow the air mixture valve allows you to adjust the aeration so you are not swimming against a face of bubbles.



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